Disney+ Is Bringing Back The Proud Family

Disney+ Is Bringing Back The Proud Family
Screenshot: (Disney)

The best thing about Disney+ so far is, indisputably, Baby Yoda, whose flappy green ears and giant eyes convey a cuteness so pure I would happily risk my own life to protect his. The second best thing about it is the access to the Disney Channel shows I loved in my youth—Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, etc.—some of which seem to be getting reboots. Indeed, in addition to an adult Lizzie, Deadline reports that Disney will bringing back The Proud Family.

For those of you who weren’t glued to the Disney Channel the very instant Time Warner made it part of the regular cable package in 2001, The Proud Family was one of the few animated shows to feature a family of color, plus it had a pretty great voice cast, including Kyla Pratt, Tommy Davidson, Paula Jai Parker, and Family Matters’s Jo Marie Payton, who played grandmother Suga Mama.

Payton confirmed the reboot on Good Morning America on Tuesday, telling host Keke Palmer, “Yeah, Suga’s large and in charge. That’s all I’ve got to say — except for Suga Mama will be doing some new episodes come February.”

It’s unclear whether the reboot will bring the Prouds back as they were in the early aughts, or pull a Lizzie McGuire and make Penny Proud a lost and lovelorn 30-something trying to make it in Los Angeles. Either way, it’s imperative they bring back the original theme, sung by a couple of, uh, up-and-coming singers:

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