DNA Proves Blonde Dublin Girl Is the Biological Child of Roma Parents


The 7-year-old girl taken from her parents’ Dublin home on Monday—because her blonde hair and fair skin stood out among her darker-complected Roma family—has been proven to be their biological child.

Via BBC News:

It is understood DNA tests have proved that a seven-year-old girl taken from a Roma family in Dublin on Monday is their daughter.
Police removed the seven-year-old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl from her home in the Tallaght area.
The parents told police the child was their daughter, but officers were not satisfied with the explanation, nor with the documents that were produced.

Completely horrifying.

Maria, the blonde girl removed from a Roma family in Greece, was found not to be related to them biologically. Efforts are still being made to verify her origins.

Image via pamuk/Shutterstock.

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