Donald Trump Reportedly Ripped Off Ansel Elgort's Dad 


Donald Trump, president of the United States, once commissioned Arthur Elgort, famous photographer and father to actor and Jezebel frenemy Ansel Elgort, to photograph his wife Melania but never paid up, according to Elgort.

W magazine reports that Arthur Elgort, a renowned fashion photographer whose 35-year tenure at Vogue includes iconic shoots with Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, shared his story during a Fashion Icons event in New York, where he discussed his career and upcoming book, Jazz.

Trump had asked Elgort to photograph Melania at Mar-a-Lago, shortly after the couple’s 2005 wedding. “[Melania] is a very nice woman, very nice,” Elgort recalled. “I must say she was so polite and on time. She couldn’t have been nicer. But she married this guy named Donald Trump who is an idiot, I think.”

An idiot who also reportedly didn’t bother paying for the shoot. “By the way, it was only a few hundred dollars,” Elgort added.

Trump has a long history of skirting around payments for both basic tasks and works of art. At least he’s consistent!

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