Donald Trump Seems to Think He's Still Running Against Hillary Clinton


The 2016 presidential election ended approximately eleventy billion years ago, and yet Donald Trump still seems to feel the need to bring up Hillary Clinton at his Special Very Good Very Best Big Boy Appreciation rallies. Case in point: Wednesday night’s rally in Erie, Pennsyvlania, where our delightful Commander in Chief accused Clinton of colluding with Russia.

“There was collusion between Hillary, the Democrats and Russia,” he told the crowd, per NBC News. “There was a lot of collusion with them and Russia and lots of other people.” Then, everyone cheered, “Lock her up!” because we are living in an endless time loop and the only thing that will save us is the implosion of Earth itself, which at least looks like it’ll happen any day now.

Obviously, Trump’s allegations are totally baseless. Why he feels the need to accuse an amorphous group of “lots of other people” of colluding to rig an election he won is totally baffling to me. It’s like if in a boxing match, after one person knocked the other out, the winner claimed it was actually his opponent who clocked himself. But attempting to use logic to explain this administration is useless. You can only spend so much time trying to reason with people who keep insisting the sky is green.

Trump still can’t seem to quit Clinton. He invokes her name at rallies and tweets and talks about her constantly, as do his buddies over at ye olde Fox News. Clinton’s an easy villain for the GOP, and her loss was the one moment that allowed Trump to claim legitimacy. Perhaps it’s for the best that he taunt her like a broken record—she’s not running for office in next month’s midterms and she is (I can only assume) not running in 2020, which leaves room for someone else to slide in while Trump’s busy accusing Clinton of stealing his Milli Vanilli records during recess.

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