Dr. Pimple Popper Encounters Many Lipomas and Somehow I Do Not Feel Sick


Watching Dr. Sandra Lee extract sacs of fat from the necks, legs, backs, and armpits of long-suffering strangers is an activity best enjoyed with friends, but this week, I must go it alone.

This week’s episode addressed lipomas of all sorts, with a brief detour into the wild world of moles—aesthetically displeasing, but not that thrilling to watch. Belinda, pictured above, had a horrific and quite large lipoma on her neck. What emerged from within is not great, but now that it is out, Belinda’s life will improve. Later in the episode, Dr. Pimple Popper removes a few small lipomas from a man named Nick, who took it upon himself to excise random lumps in his body using a scalpel and a little gumption.

From a viewer’s perspective, lipomas are better than cysts, for they are removed cleanly and are largely absent the fanfare of a great fountain of chunky pus pouring forth from a hole. Dr. Lee seems to derive more satisfaction from the removal of lipomas, perhaps because in doing so, there’s more of a sense of completion. I’m no dermatologist, but from what I can tell, lipomas emerge from the body like a smooth chicken cutlet, in one fell swoop—a pleasant bloop of fat cells and nightmares. Belinda was relieved to have her life (and her neck) back. As always, I am relieved when the show is over and will be grateful when Rich returns from vacation.

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