Dr. Ruth Will Now Break Down Sex For Millennials


From the look of the interviews she’s done, Dr. Ruth is having a fabulous time at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The 90-year-old sex therapist is busy layering vests over sweaters, playing ring toss, and promoting the upcoming documentary about her life, Ask Dr. Ruth. She also spilled the beans about a new book she’s working on: a revised version of her no-nonsense sexual health guide, Sex for Dummies, originally published in 1995. This time, she’s coming after millennials.

“These days, loud and clear—you are the first one I’m saying that,” Dr. Ruth tells Variety. She pauses. “Jeff, I hope I can say it. Jeff is an attorney. I hope I can say it—I’ll say it. I’m doing a new edition of Sex For Dummies, especially for the millennials.”

In case you were worried—she turns again to Jeff again later and gives a thumbs-up sign. “He said yes! Jeff the attorney says I can talk about it!” Dr. Ruth abides by the law.

The new edition will not just cover the physical ins and outs of the sexual act, but also some quality-of-life issues. She tells Variety:

I will talk about loneliness, I will talk about the issue of the art of conversation, the issue of sexually transmitted diseases, all of those issues. And then they can open it, they don’t have to read the whole page, just read that paragraph that I’m writing about.

She’ll pay particular attention, hopefully, to the issue of ghosting, which plagues her. Here she is talking to the Hollywood Reporter:

The particular concern I have these days is called ghosting. I learned something new at Sundance! I didn’t know what ghosting was! That’s terrible. You have a wonderful sexual experience, and then in many cases, HE doesn’t call. Don’t go to bed with anybody you do not have a relationship with. I don’t want to hear about ghosting again, ever.

I can’t help but agree, at least with that last part. Sex for Dummies, for millennials, will be out, according to Dr. Ruth, sometime this year.

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