Drake Has a Kid!

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Drake Has a Kid!
Screenshot:Instagram (Drake)

Remember Drake? It’s been quite some time since you or I or anyone really thought about him, save that perpetual thirsting after Rihanna, or his tendency to believe he is a player for the Raptors. There was also that business with Pusha T in 2018, when he was accused of being a secret, deadbeat dad. Pusha T was later vindicated in this accusation, although Drake would contend with the moniker of “deadbeat,” claiming on the song “Emotionless,” from Scorpion:

I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world
I was hidin’ the world from my kid
From empty souls who just wake up and looked to debate
Until you starin’ at your seed, you can never relate

Anyway, Drake finally posted some photos of this elusive son, Adonis. Guess we know he’s real now!

Above, you will find some photos of Adonis, Drake’s son, and his mother, Sophie Brussaux. They’re real! Congrats to Drake.

Alongside the photos, he also shared a lengthy caption that was definitely not written by one of his alleged ghostwriters. It’s something about love and light and honoring the universe, and tears being medicine for your soul. And also rebuilding? And trust? Then there’s a part about your heart and shifting your mindset. Who knows. Happy to see he’s still flexing his creative muscles, aside from all those horny Instagram Live comments he sent Rihanna!

The Devil works hard, Kris Jenner works harder, and Andy Cohen works just mildly the hardest. According to Deadline, Cohen will be returning to work this week, even after testing positive for covid-19 on March 20. The outlet reports that guests tonight will include Nene Leakes, Lisa Rinna, and Jerry O’Connell, which is about as WWHL! as it gets, as far as guests tend to go. (Do I have the patience for Jerry O’Connell, especially a socially distanced Jerry O’Connell? Definitely not!)

The show, like many of its ilk, will be streamed live from Cohen’s home, with production crews doing the same. If anything, it’s good news for Zoom, whose platform now accounts for 99 percent of the work-related goings-on in the country. Cohen will also continue streaming his SiriusXM channel, Radio Andy.

After Deadline broke the news, Andy Cohen personally announced the state of his health on Twitter:

What did I tell you about the Devil, Kris Jenner, and Andy Cohen? No wonder he has time to allegedly pull all those strings on all those different Real Housewives franchises! (If the gossip blogs and angry commenters are anything to be believed.) [Deadline]

Rita Wilson is a coronavirus survivor!

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have found their own way to remain in the headlines:

  • Unsurprising twist: Tiger King’s Doc Antle was on stage with Britney Spears at the 2001 MTV VMAs. [Us Weekly]
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  • Drew Barrymore on ex-Justin Long: “He’s great!” [People]
  • A whole bunch of celebrities sang for charity this weekend. [TMZ]
  • Christian Siriano subsequently put those singing celebrities to shame. [Page Six]
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