Drake Was Gifted A $200 Million Space Yacht and 'High Altitude Billboard'

Drake Was Gifted A $200 Million Space Yacht and 'High Altitude Billboard'

As an avid capitalist, it should come as no surprise that Drake jetted off the Bahamas in a gifted, custom Boeing 767. Created by Canadian airline Cargojet, the company believes the $200 million “behemoth” will “more than pay for itself” as a high altitude billboard. (They even painted an owl on it?) The terms of the deal seem to include mandatory Instagram photos, press, and “[traveling] around the world” to “flaunt it.” Which I resent him for, considering the many bloggers inadvertently participating in backdoor spon. As for the gross pollution of our atmosphere by luxury airlines carrying the wealthy between vacation haunts? Well, you already know how I feel about that.

This news also comes on the heels of his various courtside antics at the first NBA Finals game. Despite being covered in sports media as the meddlings of a superfan, I can’t see these stunts as anything other than scripted performances meant to draw attention to both the Raptors and the Lakers. The Raptors are the first team besides the Cavaliers to compete against the Warriors in over 5 years. Of course Drake has posted up courtside, flashing his Kevin Durant and Steph Curry tattoos, yelling at players, heckling coaches, making extremely meme-able faces. It’s what you would expect of an entertainer. And his attempts to be the center of attention are clearly working! (His status as a global brand ambassador probably helps, too.)


Kim “ Legally Yeezy” Kardashian apparently spent her day Thursday at San Quentin’s death row in the California Bay Area. She was there to campaign for the release of Kevin Cooper. Having been convicted of four murders in the ‘80s, Kim’s legal team has petitioned two California governors to retry the DNA in his case. They argue that Cooper was framed for the murder. Thankfully, Governor Gavin Newsom has suspended all death row executions as an avid opponent of the practice. What saddens me, however, is the continual evidence that wealth and fame will open any door in our country’s legal system. And that despite touting herself as a prison reform activist, I have yet to see a policy outline concerning her efforts to dismantle the prison industrial complex completely. Until such a day arrives, our solace can be in the 17 inmates who’ve been “freed.”


Cardi B has released the cover art of her new single, “Press’.

I’ll be taking a page out of Britney Spears’ guide to living after therapy later!

  • La La Anthony has been cast in the upcoming RH90210 reboot as Brian Austin Green’s “Breadwinning Wife.” [People]
  • Stedman Graham is “dedicated to [Oprah’s] happiness.” Same! [ET Online]
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  • Elton John claims that he’s “a European – not a stupid, imperialist English idiot’ while performing in Verona. [The Guardian]
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  • According to dermatologists, Kylie Jenner “did not properly cleanse her face for the right amount of time” in her recent promotion for Kylie Skin. [People]
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