Dudes Create "All About Boobs" Infographic, Forget Fairly Major Factoid


A group of men have put together an extensive infographic — culling from statistics and polls that have appeared in a number of publications like The New York Times, Glamour, and Guinness World records — called “Everything You Need to Know About Boobs.” Interestingly (or perhaps, unsurprisingly) there’s no mention of mammary glands being used as a food source for infants. Maybe someone wasn’t breastfed as a child?

*Note: One of the dudes emailed to say:

You posted my infographic today (thanks for that), just wanted to let you know I’ve updated it (after reading some comments on your page). My price for the average price of a boob job was for the surgeons fee only, I’ve updated it to fix that. If you wouldn’t mind updating your copy, that would be rad.

Updated image below.
(click to enlarge)

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