Dunkin' Donuts Has Released Munchkins-Inspired Lip Balm for Some Reason

Dunkin' Donuts Has Released Munchkins-Inspired Lip Balm for Some Reason
Image: (AP)

Ever wanted your lips to feel like you’d just eaten a donut without actually having to eat a donut? Me neither!

Despite lack of obvious relationship between chapped lips and donut holes, Dunkin’ has gotten into the beauty business with Munchkins lip balm—golf ball-shaped lip products that come packaged in Dunkin’s signature white Munchkin boxes. The limited edition set comes in two non-specified flavors(?) shades(?): white and orange. According to Allure, the white one smells “super-sweet,” and the orange one smells like marshmallows.

I’m trying to think of a scenario in which I’d rather have lip balm than donuts though I suppose it’s not an either/or proposition. In elementary school, I enjoyed Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers as well as Dr. Pepper beverages. However, Lip Smackers cost about a dollar, which was incidentally the most my mother was willing to pay for children’s beauty supplies. These lip balms cost $6, and if one found one’s lips dry while ordering an iced coffee and a box of donut holes, it just seems more economical to pop into the 7-Eleven inevitably located within 20 feet of Dunkin’ for a $2 tube of ChapStick. Or, better yet, to drink some water, since lip balm is addictive and does nothing to remedy chapped lips.

But there are worse vices than partiality to lips that taste of fried dough bites glazed with liquid sugar, so go forth and balm if that’s your thing.

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