DWTS Knows America Needs Wendy Williams' Boobs


This week, America used their votes to rid themselves of the show’s underdog—the one we were rooting for—Wendy Williams. Bah! And this morning, network synergy required Wendy to take the red eye back east to appear on Good Morning America so she can personally explain exactly how she’s doooin’.

So what did Wendy think when judge Len Goodman made the comment “you got your dumpings boiling over” in regards to the way she looked in her skimpy DWTS costume? Confused, if anything, because the outfits are custom-made for the contestants at the show. Yeah, we’re not confused at all. She also expressed concern about her breasts while learning how to fox trot in week 2 — and while ABC is no doubt sympathetic to the matter, their obligation is to the viewing public. And they need to see, and hear some commentary on, those boobs.

Right after it was announced that she’d been eliminated from the show, Wendy was asked to speak. She simply said, “If this was a competition about personality, I’d win.” A.S.S., K.I.T, don’t change.

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