Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wages War On Bill Maher


Elisabeth Hasselbeck is such a humorless turd. Today on The View, she responded to a joke Bill Maher made about her on Real Time with Bill Maher—in which he said he wanted to give Hasselbeck to Mubarak in exchange for detained journalist Lara Logan—with a prepared statement, saying he was “unfair,” “a chauvinistic bigot,” and missed President Obama’s call of civility because he was on the other line with “ignorance and hate.”

As the conversation went to the panel—with the other women, including Babs, disagreeing with her—Hasselbeck became more and more hysterical and made less and less sense, saying that making a joke like that “is wrong to do to any person but any woman who happens to disagree with you.” She was really hung up about Maher’s joke being sexist in some way. Maybe it could be argued that it was—but not by somebody like Hasselbeck. She doesn’t have the chops, wit, or mental capacity to debate gender politics. And I’m not saying that because she’s a woman, or because she’s blond, or because she’s republican, or because she’s gluten-free. I’m saying it because she’s an idiot asshole, of which she’s provided plenty of evidence. In this particular instance, when she’s so distraught over Maher’s sexism, the only way she can think of responding is by attacking his manhood, insisting that it takes a “real man” to be able to hurt her feelings, which actually sounds like disquieting hyperbole along the lines of “He hit me and it felt like a kiss.”

But it’s Hasselbeck’s tenuous grasp on the concept of free speech that is perhaps most troubling/hilarious, saying of Maher’s use of humor to express his dissent:

Well he’s in the wrong country then, because we should be able to think differently and appreciate across the board that we are in a country where we can express our beliefs.

We can’t wait to hear his response.

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