Ellen Page demonstrates the worst way to unveil your superhero identity


The incredible wrongness in James Gunn’s superhero comedy Super doesn’t just come from Rainn Wilson or Nathan Fillion — Wilson’s sidekick, Ellen Page, gets seriously sick as well. Just check out our exclusive clip featuring Page trying on her costume.

Page plays “Boltie,” the sidekick to Wilson’s Crimson Bolt. And among the many things she’s unclear on about superheroing, she’s really not clear on the whole “chaste sidekick” thing. Even though Libby works in a comic book store, she seems to have skipped over some of the psychosexual underpinnings of the genre, somehow. Or maybe she’s all too clear on what’s really going on in a lot of those spandexed-up comics.

Super comes out in limited release on April 1. A schedule of when it’s coming to fuck up your hometown is here.

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