Emma Stone Doesn't Care About Her Home Makeover, And Other SNL Highlights


Last night’s SNL featured Emma Stone, who did a bang-up job handling her parts. She should come back for cameos, just to further explore her Lindsay Lohan. But overall, a “passable” epi at best. Let’s check out the goodies!

Stone played Lohan for a sketch spoofing The View, which also poked fun of Bill O’Reilly’s walk-out on the show. Visiting from rehab, Stone-as-Lohan brings her attitude, her exposed bra, and her entire career as it stands, which fits into a large purse. The TMI bits from Fred Armisen as Joy Behar made the clip.

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“Dream Home Extreme” featured Kristen Wiig as an overzealous teevee host giving away a $2 million home makeover to Stone, who plays a blase chip-munching homeowner of modest means. Wiig’s creepy crazy-lady squealing about toast and balloons and shoulder-fluttering is hilarious, and the piece of confetti that stays on Stone’s head is nice and random. But the reactions from other, past winners were just trying too damned hard. I still recommend using “move your face!” the next time someone gives you a “whatever” look, though.

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The digital short, “She Broke Her Arm,” was pretty much the highlight of the night, though it could have used a few more surprise elements. (For some reason the clip has disappeared from NBC’s website, so we can’t show it to you right now! Sadface.) Stone channels Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears circa 1999, and Glee to become a sassy high schooler who asks the boys to “sign her cast.” But she keeps slipping in a pesky puddle of grape jelly, and by the end she is a broken-up wreck in multiple casts and a wheelchair who can’t even talk for herself! (Somehow you can fall down and break your vocal chords, so be careful out there.) The hot pink vest is flash, but would have loved some tiger stripes painted on her face to complete the look (and subtly reference the Perry-Brand jungle nuptials). Stephen Hawking and his fans are probably fuming right now, and that talking grape jelly will give me nightmares for weeks—but still, worth the watch.

I give the episode a C, especially with the Kings of Leon (not a fave) providing the tunes. But I drive a hard bargain when it comes to these comedy and music things. What’s your take, readers?

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