Emma Watson And Her Charming Haircut Break Ladymag Mold


Oh my, how cool does Emma Watson look on the December cover of Marie Claire: The Magazine With Absolutely No Fatties In It? We’re serious: It’s a great shot. And it’s not the pose or the Photoshop. It’s the hair.

I mean, just look at these photos of her from the December issue of British Vogue, which Watson and her locks also covered. I look at this picture and I think, Holy shit short hair really does bring out your eyes, and then I think, Why don’t people wear gloves anymore? Except for warmth, I mean. Which, let’s be honest — fall is not really the ideal time to trial a super-short ‘do, due to the well-known drafty-neck issue. (And she goes to school in Providence!) But Watson explained she had just emerged from a Harry Potter contract that prohibited her from any and all drastic haircutting. And the symbolic power of lopping it all off rightly trumps any more mundane concerns. The default setting for actresses and their hair — as well as models and their hair — is long and layered. It’s refreshing to see women like Emma Watson (and Carey Mulligan) standing out from the crowd.

This, right here, is your main area of concern when attempting a little boy haircut. Oh, the sides! Too short is all kinds of wrong, too long is, well, a sideburn. Constant vigilance is needed. Emma’s sideburnal area looks a shade Spock-y but on the whole I give her high marks for performing in a difficult situation.

Besides, she looks so damn elated I’m half tempted to run to the bathroom with a pair of scissors right now. (Don’t run with scissors, guys.) (Especially since the other night I was bitching about my still-growing-out pixie cut and my friend said, “Jenna, you look like you have that long bob-thing Gwyneth used to have,” and I immediately thought of The Haircut So Special Only The Rich Understand It, and my crest totes fell.) In conclusion, hair is a very personal thing, to a woman. Emma Watson’s really kicks ass.

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