Enraged Cop Discharges Gun Into Wall After Server Tells Him to Stop Groping Her

In Depth

Apparently, this is what it takes for a cop to actually get arrested in America.

This story is brought to us by Texas, because of course it is.* Via the Temple Daily Telegram, Police Officer Kenneth Lee Sheka (that charming, friendly-looking gentleman up top there) of Temple, Texas was at Chase Suites Hotel in El Paso for a law enforcement convention on Tuesday when he started harassing the shit out of a female server. He apparently started with inappropriate comments (it’s not entirely clear what they were), and then graduated to groping her as she walked past. Depressingly unusually, the server in question stood up for herself and told him to knock it the hell off, then walked away. Because he is an overgrown manbabby with a firearm, Sheka then pulled out his handgun and fired it into a nearby wall.

It turns out that firing your gun into the wall in a room full of police officers is a really fucking terrible idea, even if you happen to be a cop yourself. Sheka was quickly subdued, according to El Paso Police Sergeant Enrique Carrillo. “It was full of officers,” said Carrillo, leaving the follow-up “what a fucking dumbass” unspoken. Carrillo also made it a point to note that alcohol was being served at the event, although he stopped short of directly saying Sheka was drunk.

Sheka is apparently going to face some sort of discipline from the Temple police department, in addition to being charged with deadly conduct/discharge of firearm (which is a third-degree felony, actually). Hopefully that discipline consists of the words “you’re fucking fired.”

* You’re not allowed to get mad about this sentence, Texas. I mean, I like you (I actually do! Seriously! You have great food!), but come the fuck on, if there was going to be an “angry people discharging firearms into inanimate objects” story, it was going to be either you or Florida, and believe me, Florida’s sentence would’ve been WAY meaner.

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