Eva Longoria Does Not Have Baby Fever Thank You Very Much

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Eva Longoria is not going to raise her head and keen her depair to the sky if she does not ever become a Procreation Station, she revealed in an interview:

After being asked if she feels pressured to have children, which is a question many women are forced to endure, she said:

“No, I’m not one of those women that’s like, ‘Oh I must procreate!’ So, no. I think kids are a product of love, so if you find the right person and you want to have a family with that person then that’s when the time is right. I don’t think if I’m 50 and single – I’m not going to go and [have a baby] by myself.” [Access Hollywood]

Kanye West let ‘er rip on Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter after the latter featured a sketch of Kanye’s BCC interview as performed by a child. Sample diss: “JIMMY KIMMEL PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES … OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH GOOD P**** IN YOUR LIFE…” He also says that Kimmel’s ex Sarah Silverman is funnier than him, which is true. Kimmel’s joyous response: “Finally, I’m in a rap feud.” [TMZ, E!]

Taylor Swift and Katie Holmes have signed on to the screen adaptation of The Giver, with Meryl Streep already cast as the Chief Elder and Brenton Thwaites as the young protagonist. It is about Thwaites’ character’s coming of age in a utopian society that is without war, famine, or disease, but also without Taylor Swift music. [THR, Page Six]

Beautiful alien baby Lorde covers Billboard this month. [Ocean Up]

  • Lamar Odom is planning to drop a buttload of money on Khloe Kardashian’s anniversary present. (Giving up crack is the gift that keeps on giving, though.) [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister Ashley Thorn has gone through multiple plastic surgeries to look more like Lindsay. [NYDN]
  • Alanis Morissette is being sued by a former nanny who claims she worked a 12-hour shift locked in the baby’s bedroom with no food. “Cause I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and the other one’s I am an insane person.” [TMZ]
  • Miley Cyrus was crying over her dog dying in the “Wrecking Ball” music video, which is actually really sad and I wish I didn’t know. (See: Kardashian, Mercy.) [People]
  • Corey Feldman got swatted; the celebrity kind, not the fly kind. [TMZ]
  • Caroline Manzo is leaving RHONJ. [Us Weekly]
  • Amanda Bynes’ mom dropped her bid for conservatorship. [TMZ]
  • Bynes’ stay in the psych ward could continue until 2015. [TMZ]
  • Wellp, here is a 15 second clip of Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” music video. [E!]
  • Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb’s baby son Rocco is a baby. [People]
  • Blake Shelton and I agree on one, and just one, thing: the Westboro Baptist Church can blow [us.] [E!]
  • Danielle Fishel to write memoir on ‘unrelenting awkwardness.'” A+++. [Today]
  • Ryan Murphy released a promo shot of the Cory Monteith Glee memorial episode. [Us Weekly]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow would date someone with a sex addiction and stay with someone who cheated on her. [Us Weekly]
  • Today is my last day so bye, guys! It’s been the rillest.
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