Explore Your World in Palladium Boots: Pirate Radio Edition


Palladium boots are gorgeous, rugged, and made to be worn year-round. Hell, they were the boots of the French Foreign Legion. So Palladium sent fans out to do some exploring. Check out the trailer for the Palladium Boots Explorers London Pirate Radio excursion!

Click here to check out what the Palladium explorers (among them Pirate’s Dilemma author Matt Mason and the editor of German Vice) found hidden in plain sight in Berlin, LA, Centralia, PA, and NYC. Among the discoveries was mysterious stuff like a lake of oil under LA, Cold War listening stations, and weirdos who live in US missile silos.

The latest exploration took place in London, where pirate radio is everywhere. Born in crazy rusting anti-aircraft towers in the ’60s, today’s broadcasts are hidden in plain sight, transmitted from secret urban studios via homemade (read: illegal) rooftop antennas. They’re under constant threat of being shut down by the authorities. Just goes to show you what people will do to get the music they love out there…

Put on your Palladium boots and go exploring! What will you find?

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