Facebook Will Save Frederick's Of Hollywood


Frederick’s of Hollywood has been through some rough times — including bankruptcy — since its founding in 1945. But it has risen, phoenix-like, finding new ways, including social media, to sell its highly unsubtle wares.

Brandfreak reports that sales are up 4 percent in the first month of a new “rebranding campaign,” which apparently consists of having 25,000 fans on Facebook.

Details are scarce, but it sounds a little bit like a cleanup. But what about their marketing legacy, which consisted of some of the following gems?

Or the image of female desirability that was de rigeur when I was growing up:

Meanwhile, fashion has mainstreamed what was once the realm of Frederick’s. Just last month, The New York Times Magazine style supplement, T, did a mashup of runway looks versus Frederick’s (and Babeland’s) best, asking if Frederick’s might have the last fashion laugh:

Then again, everything changes. Sometimes for the better! Just look at this vintage Daily Show clip (from 2000), reporting on Frederick’s bankruptcy claim.

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It’s a reminder that Stewart has gotten better with age. Maybe Frederick’s can too.

Frederick’s Of Hollywood Gets A Makeover Through Social Media [Brandfreak]
Skanks For Nothing [The Daily Show]

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