Fake Tinder Nurse Helpfully Reminds Creepy Dudes to Get Prostate Exams


Nicole is a conventionally cute 28-year-old health care worker who is on Tinder to meet men. But she’s not interested in doing sex things to their penises, despite their insistent and creepy overtures (typed with dicks). She’s interested instead in reminding them that they should get their butts checked out. And all of the results are posted on website that manages to be both funny and servicey.

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month, and Nurse Nicole is part of an effort to encourage men to see a doctor before little problems become big ones. Unfortunately, many of the men who swipe right on Nurse Nicole have big problems not acting like total fucking goons.

Most featured on MatchesForMensHealth understood that “Nicole” is a stock photo and not a real nurse as soon as “she” started talking about prostate exams and colonoscopies. Some even told her about the last time they’d gone to the doctor, or that they regularly perform testicular self-exams to screen for cancer. Others were slower on the uptake.

And some were so slow that the pace at which they understand things could be classified as “fucking glacial.” This guy didn’t even get Nurse Nicole’s fake age right!

A happy and blessed Men’s Dick Awareness Month to Tinder’s most oblivious!

Images via MatchesForMensHealth

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