Famous Actor Tom Holland Says Hollywood, Land of Acting, Is ‘Not for Him’

"I really do not like Hollywood," Holland said, adding that he prefers to focus on things that make him happy like golf and carpentry.

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Famous Actor Tom Holland Says Hollywood, Land of Acting, Is ‘Not for Him’
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Sound the alarms! Famous Hollywood men are realizing what famous Hollywood women have been saying for, oh, I don’t know, decades? That Hollywood is toxic as hell. Welcome to the club, boys.

Our most adorable Spiderman, née Tom Holland, spoke out against the parasitic “business” of Hollywood on a recent episode of self-help guru Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast.

The 27-year-old, who met his very famous girlfriend Zendaya through Hollywood, said that despite his love of filmmaking and cinema, the entertainment industry as a whole is “not for [him],” according to Page Six.

“Look, I really am a massive fan of making movies, but I really do not like Hollywood, it is not for me,” the Brit said. “The business really scares me. I understand that I’m a part of that business, and I enjoy my kind of interactions with it. But that said, I am always looking for ways to kind of remove myself from it, to kind of just live as normal a life as possible.”

I’m proud of Holland for pointing out the contradictions in this sentiment, because there are, um, many! Just imagine: If a well-liked and gainfully employed white man with a cute accent hates Hollywood this much, well, you can only begin to guess how much worse it is for actors of color, queer people, women, mothers, etc. Lucky for you, there’s no guesswork required. They’ve been railing against the movie machine for just about forever.

“I’ve seen so many people come before me and lose themselves, and I’ve had friends that I’ve grown up with that aren’t friends of mine anymore, because they’ve lost themselves to this business,” Holland went on. “I just am really, really keen to focus on what makes me happy, which is my family, it’s my friends. It’s my carpentry, my golf, the charity that my mom runs…like, that is the stuff that makes me really happy, and that’s the stuff that I should protect.”

I do applaud Holland for being vulnerable in a public setting—and for making some valuable points (even if he’s far from the first to do so)

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