Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Find This Dude a Purple Dress


From Ella:

My husband is desperate to go as Boris and Natasha for Halloween, but with a surprise twist – he wants to be Natasha, and I’ll be Boris. (height-wise, this only makes sense.) I, being the expert in women’s fashion, have been tasked with finding him the appropriate dress. And I can’t. I’m almost to the point of giving up… I’ve looked absolutely everywhere I can think of, from Target to Forever 21 to Nordstrom to Modcloth to netaporter. For the life of me, I can’t find what should be a perfectly simple item of clothing: a plain, purple strapless dress in either a wiggle or sheath cut.
Part of the issue is that in the size of ladies, he’s about an 18, so being plus size limits the options.
So, Katie, you and my fellow Jezebel readers are my last hope. Help me find my husband a dress!

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