Emmys 2024 Red Carpet: Fashionably Late!

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards are taking place four months behind schedule, so everyone should have had plenty of time to pick out a great outfit.

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Aaaaannnd we’re back. Delayed four months due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the Emmys—arguably television’s second biggest night (where do they stand against the Golden Globes??)—are finally here. Anthony Anderson will be hosting the 75th annual awards ceremony and, as long as he doesn’t blab on about being attracted to a plastic doll like Jo Koy did while hosting the Globes last week, he’ll probably do just fine.

Television was good this year, thank God* (*Jesse Armstrong). And because this ceremony is happening so late, we’ll be celebrating TV shows that aired as early as summer 2022, which was (luckily) also a good year for TV. The drama categories have HBO—excuse us, Max—standouts like Succession, The White Lotus, and The Last of Us duking it out against one another while the other network’s nominees, like Andor and Yellowjackets, will most likely clap politely and stay seated at their table the entire night. The comedy categories are also stacked, with stalwarts like Marvelous Mrs. Maisel nominated for its final season, and some fantastically funny newcomers like Jury Duty and The Bear nominated, as well. Most importantly, we hope Ayo Edebiri isn’t asked about her coworker’s bulge too many times this evening—for her sake and our own.

But, for better or worse, this post is not about any of that. Talent, commitment to the bit, and impressive accent work be damned (sorry Matthew MacFadyen)! This post is about what these stars LOOK like as they enter the big fancy Peacock Theater in sunny Los Angeles. What sorts of silks, chiffons, cottons, and sparkles will be wrapped around their flesh and bones?! Will they wear hats?! Might we witness a fashion faux pas so terrible that a star is forever canceled?!?! JK, that last thing doesn’t actually happen to celebrities...

We’re glad you’re here to gawk along with us. The powers that be might have taken the Emmys off of network TV this year, but they can never stop us from saying dumb things about beautiful outfits. These celebrities had four extra months to wow us with their looks, so let’s see if they’re showing up fashionably late or just late. Welcome to Jezebel’s fashion coverage of the 75th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

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