Fat Zine Is A Skinny Slice Of Goodness


At 20 hand-stapled pages, Fat Zine is a slim publication. But from the cupcake over the i on the cover to the Miss Fatember centerfold, each and every page is filled with fun and fatspiration.

Fat Zine was created by Mark Shrayber, Jen Oaks, Susie Cagle and Laura Beck of Vegansaurus, among others. Inside, you’ll find articles like “Things About Fat People That Skinny People don’t Know,” “Top 10 Reasons Why Fat Is Cool,” “Finding Fatshion In San Francisco” and “The Fat Vegan.”

There’s even a paint -by-numbers banana split! While the zine is full of humor, (see “The Best Heroes Eat Cake,” an ode to Mario of Nintendo fame) there’s also a healthy dose of “fuck you” — the “Hall Of Shame” features Gwyneth Paltrow.

She named her child Apple. If you’re going to name your child after food, name it Twinkie. Duh, bitch.

Fat Zine is cool, and not just because it’s glittery, hilarious and totally politically incorrect. So often, we spend money on publications that could be used as thinspiration. Glossy magazines that are all about aspiration and being a better you. Fat Zine costs around the same price — three bucks — and gleefully trumpets the attitude that you don’t need to be a better you: You’re great the way you are. And while some may shy away from the word “fat,” this publication invokes the word over and over, as something to be proud of. Because, as one article puts it: “No one’s been physically injured by the sight of [a] well-fed tummy in an American Apparel shirt.”

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