Favre Cops To Voicemails, Not Dick Pics


Brett Favre has admitted to leaving flirtatious voicemails for then-sideline reporter Jenn Sterger — but he says he never sent her pictures of his dick.

According to the NY Post, the quarterback met on Tuesday with the NFL’s vice president of security and confessed to sending voicemails to Sterger (the messages say things like, “I’d love to have you come over tonight”). However, he denied sending the penis pictures that Sterger says also came from him. But Deadspin, which acquired the voicemails and cock shots, says they came from the same number, meaning either a) Favre is lying, b) Sterger used some sort of number spoofing service a la Law & Order: SVU, or c) someone stole Favre’s phone and sent pictures of a dick (Favre’s or someone else’s) to Sterger without Favre’s knowledge.

I guess if Favre had pictures of his dick on his phone for his own personal use, and then someone forwarded them to Sterger, then both she and Favre have been sexually harassed — but this seems like kind of an unlikely scenario. On the other hand, admitting to the voicemails but not the cock shots seems like a pretty dumb move if you know you actually sent both. Or maybe not — CBS’s Jeff Glor says Favre could face suspension, but only if Sterger agrees to cooperate with the investigation and if the NFL can prove he sent the pics. If she doesn’t talk, there will be no punishment for Favre. So maybe Favre admitted just enough not to get in trouble — for now. But that may change — Sterger’s manager Phil Reese says “she is strongly considering” coming forward. The matter of Brett Favre’s penis may yet be resolved.

Brett Favre Admits Leaving Voicemails But Denies Sending Naked Pics [NY Post]
Report: Favre Admits To Voicemails, Denies Cock Shots [Deadspin]
Report: Favre Admits Sending Sterger Voicemails [CBS News]

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