Feathered Shoes, Mesh Socks, Schoolgirls & Paris Hilton At Cannes Chopard Party


The Chopard 150th Anniversary Party at Palm Beach, in Cannes, was one odd event: yes, models and A-listers and the creme de la elegant were there. But so were Paris Hilton. And LiLo.

Besides everything else, this event had a wild range of getups. Natch, Lindsay showed gams.

Naomi Watts opted for classic, safe elegance.

Emmanuelle Beart? Demented sea nymph.

Kate Beckinsale brought the obligatory senior-package to Atlantic City.

And Meg Ryan went for Mennonite.

In the Hilton clan, it was sister against sister. Paris was conservative: classic, bored trophy-wife.

Nicky, however, rebelled, going for virginal schoolgirl.

Butter wouldn’t melt in Naomi Campbell‘s mouth. On the lace side-panels of her dress, however, is another matter.

I’d say something quizzical about the be-feathered shoes, but apparently she and Frederique Bel know something we don’t.

Eva Herzigova isn’t content to let her feet get all the glory – or humiliation.

The key to pulling off Studio 54 jester? It’s all in the jaunty attitude.

Yesterday, I argued in favor of open-mindedness towards socks-‘n-sandals. I was not referring to Eleonora Abbagnato‘s iteration.

[Images via Getty.]

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