Female Boxers Get No Love, Sighs Female Boxer


The profile of boxer Keisher McLeod-Wells in the New York Times today includes details about her persona as “the Boxing Diva” — she likes Gucci anything, pink Juicy Couture knee-socks, Prada platform heels, Tory Burch tops and Bulgari eyeglasses. But some of the facts from the piece are plain-old depressing:

“There are many talented female boxers, but a lot of times, you need to have a gimmick,” says McLeod-Wells. Talent is not enough? Sad. And when it comes to getting paid for a championship, it’s “Maybe $8,000, $10,000,” Ms. McLeod-Wells says. “It’s pennies compared to a man.” Sad.

Even sadder?

Last month, she traveled to Chiapas, Mexico, for six weeks to tape “Todas Contra México,” a reality show for Mexican television about female boxers in the vein of NBC’s recent show “The Contender.”

That’s right! In Mexico, lady boxers have their own TV show. Americans have no such love for the females who fight — unless they’re “real” housewives.

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