Female Navy Officers Were Secretly Filmed While Showering


The Navy’s first female submarine sailors were secretly filmed while they showered aboard their craft by a male officer who then sold those tapes to others. He recorded their private moments for over one year.

According to the Navy Times, the videographer was only identified as a 24-year-old second class petty officer in a report circulated around the branch’s top brass. Those military officials are probably even more pissed (and rightfully so) because the three women the 24-year-old reportedly filmed were part of the branch’s first female class to integrate the Navy’s submarine training program four years ago. After assigning the female officers to the Wyoming (a ballistic missile sub ported off the coast of Georgia) and monitoring their progress, the Navy planned to begin the program’s second stage by “integrating Virginia-class attack subs and then the enlisted submarine ranks.”

This scandal proves their sailors aren’t ready for what lies ahead. The petty officer is under investigation and was stationed at another Naval location during the proceedings.

Some of the women are upset with leadership’s handling of the situation, citing a lack of sensitivity toward those affected.
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating, according to the unclassified incident report, which characterized the incident as a “privacy violation.” But a retired supply officer who’s in touch with at least one of the victims said this was more like a case of clear-cut “sexual harassment.”

Regardless of how this is ultimately spun, I know one thing: a Navy officer filming his female counterparts isn’t helping out the military’s ‘We are reformed!’ argument.

Image via AP.

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