Ferguson Police Chief to Finally Resign. Bye. 


Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson has resigned from his position following an abysmal handling of the Mike Brown shooting and a U.S. Justice Department report that found the Ferguson Police Department to be a gang of racist thugs.

The Washington Post reports that the artist formerly known as Chief Jackson is expected to announce his resignation during a press conference later today. It is rumored that Lt. Col. Al Eickhoff will becoming the acting chief following Chief Jackson’s departure.

Many have been calling for Chief Jackson to step down for months as it became clear that the Ferguson Police Department systematically trampled on the Constitutional rights of black citizens and operated under a system of abject racial discrimination.

One could argue that Chief Jackson’s leadership of the Ferguson Police Department was at least partially responsible for creating the culture that led to Mike Brown’s death, as well as the horrendous, dystopian handling of the public outrage that followed where the police tear gassed children and media and then tried to lie about it.

Ding dong the racist asshole is dead (professionally)! Goodbye, Tom Jackson and a hearty fuck you for good measure.

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