Fey and Poehler Will Make Bank for Hosting the Golden Globe Awards


We’re all still collectively shaking in our boots with excitement over Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s two-year takeover of the Golden Globe Awards, but for the two of them, the fun is just getting started. They’re rumored to be making $4 million per year of the show – each.

The source here is Radar Online, usually your go-to for Real Housewives gossip, but in this case, we’ll take it:

“Tina and Amy decided to ask for the craziest package ever given to awards hosts,” says a source who says the funny duo started negotiating the deal back in March.
“They are each being paid more than any Oscar host in history with the exception of Billy Crystal.”
The source adds: “Tina and Amy will each make $4 million on the deal but also they are getting a huge perks package that includes use of the NBC/Comcast private planes as they prep for the awards and full freight on their entourages, who will all be backstage to support [them] during the live broadcasts.
“Also, Tina wants her husband Jeff [Richmond] to be involved in the musical packaging of the Globes, which is a separate seven-figure deal that is still being worked out.”

If this is true, it makes a lot of sense: Fey and Poehler’s hosting of the awards this past year resulted in both high ratings and excellent reviews, a winning combination for a show that is less about giving stars praise and more about ratings. It’s also interesting that this report presents Fey and Poehler as two women who were just seeing if they could get away with making that much money, not as two women who were being overly demanding. Whether that speaks to how positively they’re presented in the press compared to other women, or how hard it is for women to demand worthwhile compensation in a serious manner, or absolutely nothing because this is just a rumor, the degree to which the Hollywood Foreign Press sees a pair of women as their ticket to success is noteworthy. The long-term effects of choosing these two – who will be able to buy massive new homes and a lifetime supply of whatever breakfast cereal they like best with this kind of money – on Hollywood as a whole are yet to be determined.

Amy Poehler & Tina Fey Inked Multi-Million Dollar Deals To Host Golden Globes… Each! [Radar Online]

Image via Gavin Bond/NBC

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