Florida City Commissioner Resigns After Allegations of Drunken Face Licking  


Nancy Oakley, a city commissioner in Madeira Beach, Florida has resigned amid allegations that she got drunk at a fishing contest then licked a colleague’s face after accusing him of having an affair.

In 2012, the town of Madeira hosted a fishing competition to honor a Bahamian sister city. The city council opted to host a special outdoor meeting, which Oakley attended after drinking at the competition. There, she accused Shane Crawford, the city manager at the time, of having an affair with his assistant, Cheryl McGrady, and demanded McGrady be removed from the meeting. Here’s where it all went to hell, according to The Washington Post:

Then, after the otherwise low-key meeting concluded, Oakley walked up to Crawford again. She allegedly licked his neck and the side of his face, slowly working her way up from his Adam’s apple, and groped him by grabbing at his crotch and buttocks.

When McGrady pointed out the inappropriateness of licking a co-worker and grabbing his genitals, Oakley allegedly threw a punch at her.

Crawford, who has also been suspended from his duties for unknown reasons, let the matter go since Oakley didn’t run for re-election. However, when she ran in 2017, won, and voted for McGrady and Crawford to be fired, Crawford filed an official complaint. Other men came forward to say that Oakley had licked them as well:

It wasn’t an isolated incident, Crawford told Bay News 9 last month. Oakley had a “habit of licking men that either she was attracted to or thought that she had authority over,” he said. He wrote in a 2017 complaint to the ethics board that Oakley had made unwanted advances toward other city staff, too, and that they were “not interested in enduring that type of treatment ever again.”

McGrady and Crawford, who are now dating but maintain that they weren’t at the time of the incident, say that Oakley’s propensity for licking was common knowledge:

During cross-examination at one hearing, Oakley’s lawyer asked McGrady if she had ever told anyone about the alleged assault on her then-boss.
“Not about that incident, no,” McGrady replied. “I mean, she licked a lot of people, sir. So everyone kind of talked about the fact that she licked people. That’s what she did when she got drunk.”

Oakley denies the incident happened, despite the testimonies of several witnesses, and maintained in a statement that she only resigned to thwart controversy. She’s been ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and will receive a public censure from Florida governor, Ron DeSantis.

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