Following Her #MeToo Debacle, Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroeder Has 'No Political Thoughts'


It’s a real shame that Stassi Schroeder—lover of fried goat-cheese balls and one-time queen of Sexy Unique Restaurant in West Hollywood—is required to promote the latest season of Vanderpump Rules so soon after her podcast, Straight Up with Stassi, was rocked with controversy due to some very ill-advised and dismissive commentary on the #MeToo movement. A shame for HER that is. For us, it is—like most things VPR—pure schadenfreude.

To revisit, at the end of November, Schroeder put up a Straight Up with Stassi episode titled “Are We on a Male Witch Hunt?,” in which she and guest Jennifer Hoffner debated the merits of the #MeToo movement with thoughtful quotes like:

“It’s like the Salem Witch trials, but for men.”
“No one can make me suck someone’s dick.”


“How is that sexual harassment? You could say no, or you could push them away.”

Immediately after the episode was posted, Schroeder began getting flack on Twitter and after a bit of her signature tantrum throwing, she took the podcast down and issued an apology on her website.

But facing a series of VPR promo interviews, her comments were bound to come up again. And they did. Nowhere better than in this perfect interview by our friend Allie Jones, at The Cut:

I remember on Inauguration Day you praised Melania Trump’s outfit. Now almost a year later, how do you think she and her husband are doing in the White House?
I don’t have any political thoughts. Stylewise, I think Melania is killing it. I think Ivanka, stylewise, is killing it. I mean, they’ve got a good wardrobe. That first outfit was all sky blue. Sky blue is my favorite color, so I was like, “That’s what I would wear.”
Did you vote in the election?
I will not say.
If you voted, or who you voted for?
Both. Yeah, I don’t talk about politics.

Which, in reality TV speak, typically translates to “I voted for Trump” or “I didn’t vote at all.” (Honestly, my money is on the latter.)

Also there’s this fun little tidbit:

When Charles Manson died, you tweeted that you wished you threw Pinot Grigio in his face. Have you read a lot about him?
I’m big into — I sound crazy when I say this — murder stories. I love horror films and documentaries on that stuff. So, of course I know the Charles Manson stories. It was just such a huge thing that he died. I wish I would have been able to throw a glass of wine in his face!

Thank you, Allie, for your service to journalism and the legacy of Stassi Schroeder.

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