For Bill Cosby's Accusers, His 2005 Testimony Feels Like Vindication


Although a few die-hard defenders like Whoopi Goldberg still refuse to believe that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist—even after the man himself confirmed in his 2005 testimony that he drugged women to sleep with them—his alleged victims are finding relief and justice in the court of public opinion.

On Tuesday, Janice Dickinson spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Cosby’s revelation, and shared her feelings about the fact that, well, Whoopi’s a jerk.

“My reaction to that is what is wrong with you Whoopi Goldberg? How dare you sit there on The View? You need to be fired you stupid woman. I used to respect her.”

As for what she’d say to Cosby, she pulled no punches.

“Just stop, please cut off your testicles and your penis,” she said. “I want amends for each and every one of the accused. An apology would be enough.”

Over on ABC News, supermodel Beverly Johnson, who accused Cosby of drugging her with the intention of sexual assault before she called him a “motherfucker” and he dragged her out of his house, spoke about her sense of relief.

“I am happy for the women, I see that a lot of them are relieved and feel vindicated and validated and that’s good,” Johnson said. “Perhaps now maybe we can all start a healing process.”

PJ Maston and Barbara Bowman, two more alleged Cosby victims, appeared on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes on Tuesday night as well.

“[I feel] elation, relief and hope for the future,” Bowman said. “It was definitely a look into the didactic personality of Bill Cosby, the grooming and predatory practices. It’s opening the doors to future education of young people who are not really expecting this to come at them. The ten years it took me to fight hard to have my story heard, in my darkest days, I never gave up. I knew that some day a brick would be shattered and this is it. Yesterday was victorious… for me and all the rest of us.”

Then Hayes asked Maston if the details in Cosby’s testimony sounded familiar.

“Yes, yesterday I felt complete vindication, not just for me but for the 48 women who’ve come forward and the dozens and dozens that are still Jane Doe’s,” she said. “Hopefully there are women out there that are brave enough to come forward and we will get them therapy and take care of them.”

In response to the released testimony, Disney has removed Cosby’s busts from their resort, Jill Scott finally got on the right side of history, and The Cosby Show has been dropped from syndication by Bounce and Centric, following TV Land which pulled their airings of the show last year. Hulu and Amazon have yet to pull The Cosby Show, if that’s in their plan at all.

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Image via ABC News.

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