Former Playboy Model Found Dead • Lost Fans Mad At Obama


Paula Sladewski, a 26-year-old former model, was found “burned beyond recognition” in a dumpster in Miami. Police are searching for the murderer. North Miami police spokesman Neal Cuevas told CNN:

“This was a brutal, horrible, disgusting murder, and this monster or these monsters need to be brought to justice.” • A California couple has been arrested and charged with running a prostitution ring out of several apartment complexes. Police believe they managed over twenty women and charged $200 per visit. Bail has been set at $2 million. • Next month, Sarah Palin will mosey on down to Tennessee to headline the first ever Tea Party Convention. Unfortunately, Palin may just give the Tea Party movement the push they need to go from crackpot fringe group to an actual political force, argues Patrik Jonsson. • On Monday, Ellen Malcolm announced that she is stepping down from her role as president of EMILY’s list. Today, the fundraising group announced their new leader – 36-year-old Stephanie Schriock. Malcolm says Schriock “has lived the life of a Generation X woman and has the proven ability to reach out to them and bring them into politics and EMILY’s List.” • Senator Joe Lieberman’s approval numbers in Connecticut have plummeted to an all-time low of 25% and only 19% of voters support how he handled health care legislation. • A geneticist from Duke University has predicted that in the next ten years, the demand for “designer babies” will grow dramatically as scientists learn more about manipulating DNA. “We should think about an appropriate dividing line. Most people are in favour of allowing this when a disease is severe, but are more uncomfortable with marginal disease risks. It’s something we are going to have to think hard about,” cautioned Dr. Goldstein. • A recent study has found that men (and women) who do more housework – and work longer hours – have more sex. “As life gets busier and time gets tighter, a select group of go-getter spouses can successfully balance multiple time commitments,” wrote the authors of the study. They also found that – wait for it – women don’t like doing all the chores. • Uh oh. An announcement that the State of the Union may be pushed back to February 2nd has caused Lost fans to freak the fuck out. Some internet-minded fans have launched a Twitter campaign (#NoStateofUnionFeb2) in attempts to stop Obama from bumping the premiere. What a bunch of tweaks. • The Federal Communications Commission received more than 5000 complaints in the days following Adam Lambert’s controversial performance at the American Music Awards. The Smoking Gun has the documents, which, unsurprisingly, are chock full o’ homophobia and indignation. •

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