Former Vape-Lovers Are Now Crawling Back to Cigarettes, That Trusty Old Standby

Former Vape-Lovers Are Now Crawling Back to Cigarettes, That Trusty Old Standby
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Cigarettes are the one ex I may never truly get over. I’ll go weeks without thinking about them, months of no contact, and then all of a sudden it is 2 a.m., I’m drunk, and there’s me and cigarettes sneaking away from a party to suck face. And though scores of people like me have professed themselves to be moving on with the help of vapes, many are running right back to cigarettes now that their Juul fling has turned bad.

As vape-related mystery illness panic sweeps the nation and bootleg vape juice actually kills people, many former cigarette smokers are once again becoming current cigarette smokers, according to the New York Post. So much so that drug dealers are not even bothering to restock:

“One THC vape supplier says he may have to look for a different revenue stream. ‘The falloff of the people who used to buy cartridges has gotten to the point I’m considering not even buying more of them,’ says a 22-year-old Brooklyn-based dealer who’s been selling marijuana for eight years but couldn’t share his name for fear of legal repercussions.”

Others say they are even looking forward to slinking around dark alleys with their analog cigs:

“But, for 24-year-old Clinton Hill resident Hannah Erhart, who quit Juuling for safety reasons and because it was becoming a more expensive habit than smoking, it’s back to smoking breaks in alleyways — which she claims is a welcome change. ‘You don’t have to go outside to Juul at a party,’ she says. ‘It’s definitely something I missed when I switched to Juuling.’”

One of these days, I swear I’m going to move on for good, but for now, at least I am not the only weak-willed former smoker unhealthily fixated on my ex in the alley.

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