Fox News Guest Thinks Michelle Obama Is Too Fat to Know About Health


In a discussion about a Kentucky school district that has opted out of federal funding because their students didn’t like the healthy lunches being provided, a Fox News contributor and supposed medical doctor decided to give his two cents about First Lady Michelle Obama’s butt. Oh brother.

As Media Matters points out, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow‘s thoughts occurred during Outnumbered, a show that’s mostly female panelists but somehow manages to sneak in dudes to keep up the level of sexist commentary Fox News is known for:

Lisa ‘Kennedy’ Montgomery: As parents, we don’t need the federal government applying — projecting — these standards upon us. And Michelle Obama is so, like, the duchess when she speaks.
Kimberly Guilfoyle: She’s kind of annoying that way.
Montgomery: She is.
Ablow: And how well could she be eating? She needs to drop a few.
[Everyone goes “OOOOOOO”]
Ablow: I’m telling you, let’s be honest —
Harris Faulkner: You did not say that —
Ablow: We’re taking nutrition advice from who? Who are we taking nutrition advice from?
Montgomery: [Mimicking a man’s voice?] “Oh yeah, Michelle Obama, she needs to lose the junk in the trunk.”
Ablow: Well no, let’s be honest, there’s no french fries ever, that’s all kale and carrots? I don’t buy it.
Harris Faulkner: Oh my goodness gracious.
Ablow: Just sayin’. Her husband – I want some nutrition advice from Barack.
Montgomery: I like her booty.
Sandra Smith: Hold on. Let’s put the first lady aside and her presentation – I have no comment about that.

At the end of the episode, Smith thanked Dr. Ablow. “It was an important day to have you,” she said.

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