Frat Bro On Facebooking Pics of Naked Passed Out Women: ¯_(ツ)_/¯


As previously reported on Jezebel, a bunch of unparalleled assholes from Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho were suspended this week after a former brother exposed the fraternity’s two Facebook pages containing photos of brothers hazing, conducting drug deals, and unconscious women. And now one of these neanderthals has given a laughably flagrant statement to Philadelphia magazine chalking the fraternity’s behavior up to “the same old stuff” Bill Clinton did:

It is shameful to see the self-righteousness that has sprung from the woodworks in response to the alleged Penn State fraternity “scandal.” Here’s a quick reality check: everyone — from Bill Clinton to your grandfather to every Greek organization in the nation does the same old stuff, just as they have been for the entirety of human history. That’s where that lil’ old quip, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house, comes from. And believe me, we all live in a glass house. Thus it is laughably pathetic to see the media spring on an occasional incident such as this, especially a media complicit in overturning the same sexual mores and moral standards that for millennia had at least to some extent curbed outright licentiousness. The fire of indignant, misplaced self-righteousness that looks to ruin people’s lives and unjustly ruin reputations is the abuse and violation that should be at the center of discussion, not the humorous, albeit possibly misguided, antics of a bunch of college kids.

Because taking photos of passed out young women is totally innocuous? Apologies. We were so totally mistaken. The real victims of this dispute are the fraternity brothers whose lives and reputations we are “unjustly” attempting to “ruin.” Forgive us for thinking that posting naked bodies of women without their consent is morally reprehensible, the opposite of “antics of a bunch of college kids”. It is the frat brothers we should be concerned about here.


Image via Gene J. Puskar/AP

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