Fuck a Tent; Wear a Sleeping Bag of Death


In the second installment of our Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Month series entitled “Fuck a ____; Wear a _____,” we bid a glad adieu to the tents we were wearing two weeks ago and say major fucking bonjour to these fashionable sleeping bags proffered this week by the god Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons.

In Paris this week, Kawakubo showed cocoons of death, frocks with the texture and gait of the glossy, lacy insides of coffins, and puffy sleeping bags suitable for prom and all its itinerant afterparties (pass out wherever you land). She gave us willowy, hairy face-masks for mourning and/or covering up the fact that we are actual witches and/or decomposing, but then again we are always decomposing, from the moment we are born. To accompany all this: sensible shoes. She mummified bodies with bows and captured us like butterflies in brocade and put us out of our misery in head-to-knee lace lampshade dresses so they never know what we’re thinking. Some people thought this is a line of mourning and sure, that’s the easy out. But to me it’s more like a disguise: intimidating clothing to keep all but the bravest and smartest out of your personal timezone. Fuck a coat; just gonna start strapping large pillows to my bod with yards and yards of fine cloth. Fuck a tent.

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