Fuck Dating a Live Man, Maybe It's Time to Go For Ghosts


I can’t wait until I die so I can date a ghost. You know what they say — one you go paranormal, you can’t go back to normals. (Or you should probably check yourself into a mental institution. One or the other.)

From Ghost Singles:

Finally, a dating site for singles who know how to get a life! Well, an afterlife. Okay, maybe some sort of in-between, nether-world, ethereal existence. But if you’re looking for love, and you’re dead, Ghost Singles is the site for you. Dozens* of singles have already joined, and the singles’ chat is available 24/7 for your enjoyment. This is a free dating site, if you qualify, so don’t hesitate! Join today!

Please note: no marriages have ever materialized from Ghost Singles. Relationships, sure, but seriously, have you ever tried getting a priest to solemnify your unholy union? So don’t bank on finding your spouse – just your match for eternity. Chat, date, and have fun with other post-life singles.

Also, we don’t accept the undead or living dead – no zombies or vampires!

Final note: if you’re mortal, this isn’t the dating site for you. No offense. Upon request, we can recommend some online singles sites for the living.

This sounds great! I bet, if you qualify, there is tons of sexual wheel throwing involved. (Cue Unchained Melody.) And, besides, if all else fails, you can just go straight Ghostbusters on your Slimer. That’s one way to trap I mean get an undead man(-ish type thing).

[Ghost Singles, h/t Joy]

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