Game of Thrones Featurette Has Everyone Doing the Bloody Trance Dance


HBO has just released a 15-minute featurette to promote the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and — MOTHER OF DRAGONS — is it ever exciting. In it, the producers promise that season four will be more nerve-wracking, action-packed and bloodier than ever before. Oh, good. This show needed more blood.

All of your favorites (the ones who are still breathing, anyway) make an appearance in the feature — Tyrion, we find, will spend the season constantly trying to keep his head on his shoulders, Arya is getting even better at sticking the bad guys with the pointy end, Daeny knows where her dragons are, but doesn’t know how much longer she can control them and Jon Snow is moping around Castle Black like a big, dumb, handsome baby.

It’s all well and good (nice job, featurette), but if it were up to me, this show would just be about Jaime and Brienne hanging out, rescuing each other and having a good time. (Tyrion would make cameos for the occasional impromptu dance scene.)

Game of Thrones returns April 6.

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