Gary Coleman's Nonsensical Rant, F-Bombs, Walk-Off On The Insider


Gary Coleman has had a rough couple of months—arrest, hospitalization—and he appeared on The Insider this week to tell “dispel rumors” about his arrest. Instead, he got agitated, told everyone to “fuck off,” and stormed off the set.

Gary was scheduled (according to my cable guide) to appear on The Insider last week, but he did not. Now it’s clear why. After he got volatile during the interview segment, the show took a few days to edit and package his appearance in the most salacious way possible, and has been spreading the footage out, a few minutes at a time, over this past week. In this first clip, the show’s panelists are clearly pressing his buttons when they continue to interrogate him on whether or not he’s a virgin (despite the fact that he’s married). It might seem cruel and stupid, but he actually told them previously that he was a virgin, even though he was married.

Choice Gary Quote: “Most people on this planet, at least in America, are brain dead.”

Why does he always close his eyes when he talks? It’s clear that something is wrong, it’s just unclear what the hell it is. In this clip, the panel asks him if he ever contemplates suicide.

Choice Gary Quote: “Who doesn’t?”

This is when he gets really angry. While being asked directly about whether or not he has physically abused his wife (both Gary and his wife have been arrested for domestic violence charges in the past year, and also appeared on Divorce Court, but remain married), Gary flips the fuck out. He goes on a rant and then tells the panel to fuck off, hops off his chair, and hobbles out of the studio.

Choice Gary Quote: “I don’t know you, and I don’t care about you, and your life doesn’t matter to me, so if you get hit by a bus tonight, I’m not gonna care.”

It was weird seeing him get into a limo, seeing as how he was acting like a raving lunatic, and dressed like homeless person.

Choice Gary Quote: “Fuck all of you!”

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