Gen X's Midlife Crisis Will Not Be Televised


I’m of Generation X, a term that has never come with positive connotations. And now New York Times columnist A.O. Scott reports that Gen X is having a midlife crisis. Great.

Scott writes: “How can a generation whose cultural trademark is a refusal to grow up have a midlife crisis?” The answer is: Quite easily. Just like anyone can! With the added bonus of feeling lost, not completely relating to previous generations, and not sure what the future holds. But if I am having a midlife crisis, it is even worse than Scott’s, because there are no female role models for me to look to. Scott mentions Ben Stiller’s character in Greenberg and John Cusack and the other dudes of Hot Tub Time Machine, and even writes the frightening sentence “give or take a few details, Hot Tub Time Machine is the story of my life.” Dude. At least you have a major motion picture that is “the story of your life.” Try being a black Gen X woman brought up on Prince, Anais Nin, The Cosby Show, Hello Kitty, Moonlighting and Molly Ringwald. That movie is never hitting theaters. Cue my midlife crisis.

Gen X Has a Midlife Crisis [NY Times]

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