Geoffrey Rush Is 'Barely Eating' After Misconduct Allegations


Geoffrey Rush, who was recently accused of acting inappropriately on the set of King Lear two years ago, is suing Sydney’s Daily Telegraph for defamation after the allegations apparently left him broken and demoralized.

According to an affidavit filed on Monday, Rush has suffered “tremendous emotional and social hardship” since the article alleging his misdeeds against fellow actor Eryn Jean Norvill was published in 2017. It adds that “the ongoing hurt” has had lasting consequences on his health. Via the BBC:

This included him eating little food, having difficulty sleeping, and feeling anxious in public, his lawyers said.
The Oscar-winning actor now regarded his worth to the industry as “irreparably damaged,” the documents said.
“The applicant has found that as a direct result of the publications he has been constantly associated in Australia and internationally with the #MeToo movement,” they detailed.

Rush first filed a lawsuit against the paper last December, in which he said in court documents that,

“This is to address the hyperbole, lies and the spurious claims about me in entertainment community. They have splashed spurious claims with bombastic titles on their front pages.
“This has created irreparable damage to my reputation, which has been extremely hurtful to my wife, daughter and my son, as well as to my extended family and many colleagues in the film, television and theatre industries. This situation is intolerable and I must now seek vindication of my good name through the courts in Australia.”

In November, the Sydney Theater Company released a statement to the Daily Telegraph saying it had received a complaint accusing Rush of “inappropriate behaviour” while on the set of King Lear. It did not disclose any additional details, explaining that the complainant asked the allegation be handled confidentially and did not want Rush involved with the investigation.

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