George R.R. Martin Appeared on Gay of Thrones and It Was Everything


While Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones had a fair share of tragedy, the real saddest thing about season four ending is that Funny or Die’s Gay of Thrones — the best GoT video recap on the internet — won’t be back for months. Keeping us thirsty for more, the Gay of Thrones crew ended their season with a cliffhanger AND a cameo by George R.R. Martin in all of his bearded author realness.

This isn’t the first time that someone related to the Song of Ice and Fire series has appeared on Gay of Thrones. Last season included cameos by both Alfie Allen (who plays Theon on the show) and Esmé Bianco (who plays Ros), but securing Martin has got to be the most victorious thing to happen since Dany (a.k.a Christina Aguilera) unleashed her dragons on Astapor to Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman.”

(Game of Thrones season four finale spoilers in the video below.)

Gay of Thrones S4 EP 10: Future Legendary Children from Funny Or Die

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