Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Won't Let the Death Threats Stop Him From Ass-Kissing Donald Trump

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Won't Let the Death Threats Stop Him From Ass-Kissing Donald Trump
Image:Sean Rayford / Stringer (Getty Images)

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp could handle death threats from pro-Trump conspiracy theorists calling for him to overturn President-elect Biden’s victory in the state. But now that his wife and daughters are being targeted, his patience is waning.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Kemp is outraged and fed the fuck up by those erroneously claiming that Trump won the traditionally red state of Georgia, despite the fact that a rigorous recount proved otherwise. And now, the attacks are hitting too close to home.

From AJC (emphasis ours):

“It has gotten ridiculous — from death threats, (claims of) bribes from China, the social media posts that my children are getting,” he said. “We have the ‘no crying in politics rule’ in the Kemp house. But this is stuff that, if I said it, I would be taken to the woodshed and would never see the light of day.”
The Republican singled out the invective targeting his daughter Lucy, who has received hate-filled messages about inane false conspiracies about the death of her longtime boyfriend, Harrison Deal, who was killed in a traffic accident this month in Savannah.
“I can assure you I can handle myself. And if they’re brave enough to come out from underneath that keyboard or behind it, we can have a little conversation if they would like to.”

As you may recall, Kemp has long touted himself as the protective father who will do whatever he can to keep his daughters safe… even threatening their suitors with shotguns.

But despite the tough talk, Kemp is still too cowardly to call out Trump directly for encouraging the conspiratorial tide. The president has accusing Kemp of being a huge asset for the Democratic Party, calling him a “fool” on Twitter, and telling Fox News that he regrets endorsing him in 2018. Don’t expect to hear a single word against him from Kemp though!

“As far as I know, my relationship with the president is fine,” Kemp told reporters Thursday. “I know he’s frustrated, and I’ve disagreed on things with him before… Look, at the end of the day, I’ve got to follow the laws and the Constitution and the Constitution of this state.”

There you have it: Kemp can’t stop bootlicking even when the president has encouraged the misplaced ire he, his wife, and three daughters have received since the general election last month. Those erroneously claiming that Trump won the state of Georgia will continue to harass the Kemp family, Trump will continue to shit on Kemp, and nothing will change.

Now that’s what I call cowardice!

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