Get in Loser, We're Going to Witch Village

Get in Loser, We're Going to Witch Village
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Basic bitches go to the quaint Italian region of Piedmont for its white truffles and wine, but the real ones go for the witchcraft.

CNN reports that in Piedmont there’s the teeny tiny village of Paroldo, with a population of just 230, and consists of a “maze of medieval alleys.” If you hang around those medieval alleys enough you might meet the “Masche,” a group of “good white sorceresses” who make healing treats and claim to cure illnesses.

If you’re the kind of person who’s thinking “hell yeah, I want to get me some healing witchcraft straight from a rustic Italian source,” you’re in luck! The owner of a 100-year-old tavern Trattoria Salvetti located in Paroldo says he is converting the upstairs to be a bed and breakfast for tourists who want to come and experience Masche customs. That includes a “witch dish” called Bagna càuda, “a creamy sauce made with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and anchovies served in a ceramic pot.”

So what exactly do the Masche do? Traditionally, CNN reports, they’ve been asked to help cure people in the village when regular medicine has failed. Older masches reportedly must transfer their healing gifts to their granddaughters before they die, or else the healing power dies with her. They also like to keep to themselves, which doesn’t sound good for the whole tourist enterprise.

A tiny village filled with witches, where nobody can hear me scream for miles just in case they turn out to be evil? Sounds like a good vacation to me!

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