Getting Drunk On Fairy Blood & Having Sex With Your Great Granddaughter


Last night on True Blood, the best scene by far was the one with a double dose of naked supernatural hottie. Sookie enlisted Alcide to help her track down Eric, who’d gotten drunk on fairy blood and was cavorting and frolicking through the forest as the inebriated are wont to do. They found him splashing about in a lake, and he was supposed to be nude, but eagle-eyed pervs could tell he was wearing what’s known in the biz as a “sock.” Also something the truly observant may have noticed: Sookie is in a shot and Wolf-Form Alcide is in a shot, but it doesn’t seem like Anna Paquin and the wolf were actually next to each other. Watch carefully and you’ll see that those are probably someone else’s legs — like the trainer — near the yellow-eyed creature.

The other wonderful moment was when Bill Compton uttered a line that you will only ever hear on True Blood: “I must go… We cannot see each other anymore… You’re my great great great great granddaughter.” Ew. It’s a small town. He should really research a lady’s bloodline before he fucks her.

Other moments of note:

  • Jason got raped again. And called it rape. And had the sense to talk a little girl out of mounting him. Although the “your first time should be special” stuff seemed slightly out of character.
  • Marnie’s witch dreams were weird.
  • Why do the folks of Hotshot turn into black panthers instead of cougars or Florida panthers or something you might actually find in Louisiana?
  • Sam’s new girlfriend has a kid, didn’t see that coming.
  • Mona! From Who’s The Boss! Awesome. Like seeing an old friend. Cinemaphiles may recognize Ms. Katherine Helmond from Brazil.
  • “If you kiss me, I promise to be happy.”
  • After being bitten and scratched by werepanthers, Jason killed one and then fainted in the street, and babyvamp Jessica fed him her blood. What happens when fairy blood mixes with werepanther blood and vampire blood?
  • Joe Lee’s not dead and Tommy’s been roped, nay, chained back into some kind of dogfighting drama.
  • Marnie — or the witch living inside her, who can make books fly off of shelves — made Pam’s skin fall off. Boo. Pam looked superhot in her spiked-shoulder jacket.
  • Last, but not least: ALCIDE. Undressed. Yowza.

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