Girl Crush: Soledad O'Brien


We love waking up early in the morning — wait, scratch that, we hate waking up early in the morning. What we mean to say is: we love that waking up early in the morning is made a lot easier because of CNN American Morning anchor Soledad O’Brien.

We like Soledad because she’s able to combine being super-smart and super-cute without coming across as annoying, snotty or overly perky. She also knows how to ask the tough questions, and she’s not immune to outrage or a good laugh when either one is warranted.

Then we came across this item in today’s WWD, and fell in love even more, particularly after reading this part:

Answering one aspiring journalist’s question, O’Brien said: “I’ve never been the smartest or the prettiest, but I will outwork everyone,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s about working hard, being solid, being honest, keeping your integrity and working hard, working hard, working hard.”
On another occasion, a writer wanted O’Brien to describe the best advice her mother ever gave her. “Most people are idiots.” O’Brien laughed, noting that never made it to print. “But it’s true. When I look back at my career, so many times [some] people were idiots. But you need to move on and you’re even a bigger idiot if you don’t.”

A lesson we could surely live by.

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