Give Up Completely, and Sing These Songs to Your Cat


Important studies show that singing to cats is good.

Conan recently released a CD of songs to sing to your cat, and it is fake, but very funny and great. American cat dancing on bananas has grammy cat nip written all over it.

Now, what do you sing to your animals? I don’t have a cat but I do have two dogs and I sing songs to them all the time. My current favorite is to take the new Regina Spektor song and replace the lyrics so it’s about my dog throwing up and then eating her own vomit. (“Everything tastes better, the second time around!”)

Also, my boyfriend recently wrote this masterpiece:

Eating stuff is easy,
Not eating stuff is hard (repeat x infinity)

Okay, share yours below — let’s make our own damn animal CD.

[via Team CoCo]

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