Give Us the Movie-Length Version of Zendaya and Anne Hathaway’s Wildly Sapphic Bulgari Ad

Who knew we were all craving a lesbian, diamond-filled heist movie? Apparently Bulgari!

Give Us the Movie-Length Version of Zendaya and Anne Hathaway’s Wildly Sapphic Bulgari Ad

Peacocks, falling flowers, French doors, diamonds, and sexual tension: All have the girls gripping their seats in Bulgari’s latest titillating advertisement campaign, which stars Anne Hathaway and Zendaya. It’s giving lesbian murder mystery meets lady heist film, as Meecham Whitson Meriweather’s thread notes below. A cinematic, sapphic masterpiece!

Aesthetically, the “Unexpected Wonders” campaign, shot by Paolo Sorrentino, is a short film that dazzles and excites. Largely, because Anne and Zendaya are the starring duo we all didn’t know we needed. Set to the background of Rome, Bulgari’s founding city and where the brand has historically gained romantic inspiration, we’re treated to a several minute romp of Anne and Zendaya sashaying up to their Italian villa draped in emeralds and sapphires.

Something in the way Anne smirks at Zendaya, like they were notorious jewel thieves and lovers that have amassed their riches through something so devilishly delicious, is sending me. It’s giving I Care a Lot meets Killing Eve meets Ocean’s 8. The whole scene is narrated by mysterious, yet whimsical poetry read by both Anne and Zendaya, which suggests maybe these two queens have just pulled off the greatest coup d’etat, kicked the king out of his castle, and are now sleeping in his California King in silk night gowns.

“When the light comes in, everything seems possible,” says Hathaway at one point, basking in the light from sixteen foot windows.


As the two Bulgari brand ambassadors try on their spoils looking sexy as hell, Hathaway, who was named Bulgari’s newest ambassador just this week, is seen wrapping gems from the Serpenti collection around her wrist as she on looks the picturesque veranda without a care in the world. She and Zendaya also repeatedly exchange mischievous looks throughout the film that make me want to know what was going on off camera. A little romantic traveling? A scandal…?

Honestly, I’d watch a feature length film of Anne and Zendaya carefree dancing in a great hall full of colorful floating flowers any day of the damn week. The last scene of this short film leaves us on a cliff-hanger, as both women leave the luxe estate and embrace. Are the lovers moving on? Where to next? Are they jewel thieves or just simply two wealthy women who are enjoying the fruits of their labor? Either way, I don’t give a damn. I’m just anxiously waiting on part deux.

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